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3 Steps to go from Event Design Thinking into Doing! Webinar replay with Alissa Hurley & Ruud Janssen

3 Steps to go from Event Design Thinking into Doing! 

The goal of this online session is to engage Event Design enthusiasts in a multidisciplinary collaboration to tackle real world event innovation problems. Discover how following a systematic design thinking approach, your teams will discover how to solve event design challenges with real world examples from Google, Symantec, MPI, IOC, Internet Society and many others.

You learn how to:

– Generate deep insights through the systematic observation and interaction of key stakeholders (empathy).

– Engage in collaborative ideation with a multidisciplinary team and get them on the same #EventCanvas page.

– Rapidly prototype and iteratively test ideas and concepts to systematically innovate your event.

Join Alissa Hurley and Ruud Janssen take you through the basic mechanics of the #EventCanvas as they explore how teams can consioucly design

PS: to get the cheat sheet we mention in the webinar check out the link here: minibook

originally published by FMAV here:

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