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admin May 20, 2021

Why + how are you "Changing the Game?" #EMEC19 #EventDesign decoded by its Change Makers

Rinse, wash, repeat. The stale formula of most events. Well not for this one!...

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admin May 18, 2021

Catching the Next Wave Podcast

“Designing events to inspire behavior change”      – Aga Szostek and Werner Puchert…

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admin May 10, 2021

Event Design LAB℠ Helsinki

Create space to think about your event Allow time for design Make conscious design…

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admin January 18, 2020

The Talking Point: The IMEX Group Podcast with Kit Watts and Ruud Janssen #Nature in #EventDesign

 A podcast from the IMEX Group. The Talking Point explores the biggest topics…

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admin May 13, 2019

Event Canvas FTW! the EDC Level 3 experience by Michael Pinchera

Originally published on MAY 13, 2019 online at by MICHAEL PINCHERA Michael Pinchera...

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admin December 17, 2018

Invest In Yourself - guest post by Zaman Ishaad, CED

Invest In Yourself: #EventCanvas By Zaman Ishaad | Dec 17, 2018 Originally published by...

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admin June 18, 2018

How MPI (re)designed their flagship event #WEC18?

What happens, when you suspend your disbelief to redesign the World Education Congress? After…

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admin May 4, 2018

Why You Should Stop Planning Events & Start Designing Them

By Matt Alderton, Successful Meetings In a world that’s full of fun and flavorful…

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admin November 25, 2016

EDC VODcast: Tahira Endean Designing BC Tech Summit

EDC VODcast: Tahira Endean Designing #BCtech in Vancouver Canada A first installment of the...

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admin July 27, 2016

EVENT DESIGN a step by step guide to using the Event Canvas - Webinar

[00:00:00] Good morning and afternoon. My name is Jesse states and I'm the manager...

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admin January 31, 2016

MEDEL Event Design - a Visual journey from inception to delivery using the Event Canvas

MEDEL EVENT CANVAS Audiology Live MEDEL the the making of in 1 animated GIF...

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admin January 13, 2016

PCMA Convening Leaders 2016 VEI session

There was a lot going at the PCMA Convening Leaders conference in Vancouver, British...

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