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EDC at Ryerson Univesity – Toronto, Canada

EDC Canada

Congratulations to all CED’ers on becoming Certified Event Designers:

See the blogpost here:🇨🇦-university-amsterdam-🇳🇱/

Topic: EDC – CED – online graduation Zoom celebration 16 Feb 16:00 CET / 10:00 AM Eastern Toronto time
Time: Feb 16, 2018 4:00 PM Zurich

If you missed the graduation call here is the recording for you:

Ready for the CED – Online graduation call?

If you haven’t already done so, dont’t forget to submit your EDC project for our review latest 2 Feb 2018 18:00 CET.

This will give us a good 14 days to review and get back to you for this final CED graduation celebration. If you feel you are ready to become a CED, take out your party hats, toga’s, orange juice, tomatoe juice, virgin or Ceasar’s, bloody Marry’s, Prosecco’s or other party beverage and see you online for a festive celebration on Zoom with your fellow EDC classmates from University of Amsterdam and Ryerson Toronto of Aug 2017.

What a great Class!

Now that you have everything fresh in your memory, can we ask you to fill out this 1 Question Net Promotor Score Survey?

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Here is the 3 day program recapped in 1:59 :

Please find included below the first series of pictures and videos taken onsite:
EDC Toronto, Canada 19-21 Aug 2017

Please find included below the details of the upcoming 2 coaching calls:

EDC Coaching calls

  1. Topic: EDC Coaching call Zoom Meeting 31 Oct 15:00 UTC / 11:00 EST Toronto / 16:00 CET Amsterdam

Time: Oct 31, 2017 4:00 PM Zurich

2. Topic: EDC Coaching Call 2 – Thu 30 Nov 16:00 UTC / 17:00 CET Amsterdam / 11:00 EST Toronto / 08:00 PST Vancouver

Time: Nov 30, 2017 5:00 PM Zurich

Welcome to the EDC programme,

We are so delighted you registered and can’t wait to welcome you in Toronto to Ryerson University 19 August 2017. We’ve limited the number of participants to optimise the learning environment.

We will be inviting the participants for a pre-EDC online call as a first orientation and to speak with you about “what to prepare”.

To get to know each other, we had a first “get to know you” call on Zoom  on Wed Aug 9, 2017  at 1:00PM DST Toronto Time / 7:00 PM CEST Amsterdam. No worries if you missed that, you can find the recording below:

To stay in touch in the next weeks and months we will create a Whatsapp group. Here’s the QR code to the Whatsapp group as well as an invite link:

Below a snippet of the questions we typically ask participants to consider prior to participating when they get onsite. You have some time to think about this as you travel to Toronto and we ask you to please prepare your answers for the introduction session on the first day on 19 Aug:

  1. What you are working on these days? (Briefly describe your current job or projects)
  2. Why have you decided to join the EDC program? (Please be brief and informative)
  3. After obtained your EDC, what would be your ideal outcome one year from now? (In an ideal world, when I am a CED-Certified Event Designer I will have achieved ____)
  4. What Event Design Project would you like to work on for EDC? (please prepare a 2 minute pitch of the project you would like to design for EDC)
  5. Is there anything else we should know about your coming to EDC?

We would be delighted if you would create and bring your “Experience Journey” to EDC for this program. (we leave it upto you and your creative mind to present that in an original way to your fellow participants.

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on a copy of the Event Design Handbook we suggest you read the first 100 pages (for free) or order your copy which will come in handy in your future life as an Event Designer.

On 19 Aug 2017 we will meetup at 09:00 (AM) sharp at (Oakham House, Ryerson University Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St., Toronto, ON). For lunch breaks (12:00 – 13:15) we will go to different lunch spots on the Ryerson campus to give you a flavour of Toronto. (see the map below for more details).

EDC Classes run from 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturday 19, Sunday 20 and Monday 21 Aug 2017. The evening time is at your leisure and if you like we can meetup for an informal dinner (not part of the official program). On Saturday 19 Aug after class we are planning a little surprise so plan for that program to run slightly later until about 19:00 hours.

On Monday 21 Aug 2017 there is a special MPI Canada Foundation Rendez Vous event taking place. For more information please go to:


The training venue is at the Oakham Lounge, Oakham House, Ryerson University Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St., Toronto, ON.

Alissa will provide detailed directions to the venue for the EDC Program nearer the program dates.

Get a glympse of the Student Campus Centre in a video here:


Here you will find some pointers on how to make the most of your attendance at EDC:  EDC How to Attend

MAP Ryerson University  

Below you will find the main EDC training venue at Ryerson University and some of the places where we will explore on campus for lunch. 

Oakham House, Ryerson University Student Campus Centre, 55 Gould St., Toronto, ON

Find out who else will be at EDC and anything you need to know by exploring the recording of the pre-event video call and the EDC online collaboration Mural (available on any desktop / laptop browser and not compatible with mobile devices).

EDC Toronto 2017 by Ruud Janssen


You will enter this mural in View Only mode.

We look forward to welcoming you to Toronto. Please let us know if you have any questions on, don’t hesitate to call us when you are in Toronto and have any queries.

best regards,

Alissa Hurley (+1 (613) 222-0453 FMAV for information on accommodations and Ryerson campus)

Roel Frissen (mobile = +31 655192323  )

Ruud Janssen (mobile = +41792910623 )


Below you will find some sample videos and next steps that a previous EDC class has completed for your orientation. Don;t worry about the details for now, this will be part of your EDC program when we get onsite in Toronto.



Past EDC Class videos

A recording of the pre-EDC of a previous class  (EDC at SDSU Jan 2017) is available here:

Subsequently in the upcoming 6 months we will plan a series of coaching calls.

To see an example of a Coaching call 1 from a previous class see the video below :


Remember submission deadline for your Event Design projects is 1 Feb 2018  latest and we will review all Event Design project in the first week of February 2018.
In order for us to be able to approve your Event Design Project and award the Certificate of Achievement and your CED – Certified Event Designer designation we need to see:
  1. You have worked with a team using the Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology
  2. Analysed at least 2 stakeholders perspectives
  3. Created a narrative of the event design demonstrating you understand the 14 building blocks and how the event will create value for at least 2 stakeholders + clear articulation of their behaviour change from entering to exiting the event.
It’s all about demonstrating your application of learning. So photos/videos/timelapses are nice, postits are usually a good ideas, and drawings make us happy 😉
Then please secure in your agenda’s the CED – Certified Event Designer graduation zoom ceremony  which will be planned in Feb 2018 and we trust you will all make an effort to clear you schedules for 30 minutes to allow us to celebrate this joyous moment with you all.
Below the recording of the Graduations ceremony on 7 July 2017 of a previous class. Congratulations to everyone that has passed the CED – Certified Event Designer Designation.