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EDC online training

We are excited to announce that we are opening the pre-registration for our 2019 Event Design Online Workshop.
(this is the short version scroll down for the full text)
  • We are launching the 2019 Event Design Online Workshop and would love for you to join the adventure.
  • We prepared an online registration form where you will be able to pre-book your spot in one of our online video recording sessions. We have 5 seats available for each module. So hurry up and register your spot now. (first come first serve, 1 module per person)
  • If you miss a spot or you are shy, don’t worry. We will invite you to a special digital platform where all the video content and modules will be available to you to binge watch and discuss with fellow (aspiring) Certified Event Designers (CED’ers). We will be in touch with you about how to get access and more information soon.
Now go and grab your seats for the recordings.
Hope to see you soon!
Hold on, are you excited and maybe a little confused? (here is the longer version)
Here’s a quick summary of why you are receiving this invitation. We embarked on designing the CED 2019 Summit late last year with some of our community members. It was during this online design process that we concluded with your support that the need for broader collaboration and sharing of ideas was real.
We also recognised the need for more assistance in gaining the confidence you need to both facilitate and apply the event design process including the use of some of the latest Event Design developments, digital tools and facilitation techniques.
It was with these insights in mind that we decided to evolve the San Diego Summit prototype and extend our reach with an extensive, all-inclusive digital community and confidence building experience during the course of 2019.
2019 Event Design Online Workshop
We want to invite you to participate in the 2019 Event Design Online Workshop.
How will this work?
  • We will be recording at least ten learning modules during the course of the next few weeks.  We will review all the essentials in a new format, it’s always good to refresh your memory and build your confidence. We will deep dive and review the full event design process with some additional insights and bonus topics along the way. See it as an new layer on top of the Event Design handbook and the Facilitation Kit online.
  • Would you like to join us? Your first opportunity to interact with us will be during the recording of the learning modules.  The recording sessions will take place online via Zoom video sessions, seats for these sessions are limited to five people (CED’ers) per session. You can select the module you’d like to sit in on as an audience member. You can register for one module only so we can offer seats to at least 50 CED’ers in total.
  • If you can’t join us for the recordings, or miss the spot on your favourite topic, don’t despair. All the content will be made available to the (aspiring) Certified Event Designers (CED’ers) to binge watch and discuss and refine until the end of 2019. After which it will be made available to a broader audience at a fee.
  • We are going to make the content available on an exclusive interactive digital platform and give you the opportunity to ask questions and explore each of the topics with us and your fellow CED’ers – more on this soon.
How much will this cost?
We are doing this FREE of charge as a service to you. However, there is always a catch.
The only “ask” we have is that you share your questions, insights and ideas with the community throughout the process. We will have design prompts along the way, and your generous participation will not only help you flourish but also those with you on this journey.
REGISTER for your spot on the 2019 Event Design Online Workshop
Should you have suggestions, questions or comments, please do not hesitate and contact us at
We look forward to taking this leap together into the future,
See you soon,
Werner Puchert, Roel Frissen, Dennis Luijer and Ruud Janssen
Want to know what led up to this?
Check out the videos below for the full recap: