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#EIBTM14 How Leaders+Change Makers have used the Event Canvas to design their corporate event


19 Nov 2014, 15:00 – 16:30 Conference Room 5.1
Language: English
Clock Hours Earned: 1.5 hours Domain G: Meeting or Event Design

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This mini workshop is for change-makers who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering events that matter by using the event model canvas, which is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models.
The event model canvas employs a visual chart with elements that describe an event’s promise and how the event will help stakeholders get their jobs done, resolve pains and create gains within an established framework of commitment and expected returns. The canvas articulates how behavior changes as a result of having participated in the event and states the required levels of satisfaction against expectations. The canvas also outlines the costs and expected revenues in relation to the customer journey and the instructional design of an event.
The canvas helps organizations align their activities by illustrating potential trade-offs of their events. Building a thorough event model canvas can be achieved through a sequential, 10-step methodology in which the event team systematically analyses, describes and outlines the inputs for the components in the final canvas prototypes.

The methodology employs a range of visual thinking techniques, including empathy mapping, value proposition canvassing, return on investment methodology, business model canvassing, service design canvassing and instructional design modelling.
Note: The Event Canvas is available for download under a Creative Commons 4.0 license at:

Learner Outcomes
• Understand the event model canvas methodology and templates to visually articulate the value of an event.
• Sketch the canvas of an event with an anonymous case study.
• Create, design and prototype new events using the canvas.

Ruud Janssen
Event Canvas
Switzerland based Entrepreneur Ruud Janssen, CMM, DES (1970) has been an innovator and practitioner of Marketing in the Hospitality and Meetings & Events Industry

Roel Frissen
Event Canvas
Netherlands based Entrepreneur Roel Frissen, CMM (1974) has been an innovator and entrepreneur in the Meetings & Events Industry since 1999.

Sabine Bonora
Head of International Conference Management & Health Manager
Sabine Manuela Bonora is department head of ICM International Conference Management at MED-EL Medical Electronics GmbH. Headquarter, based in Innsbruck, Austria

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