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[ra_team_member template=”border-bw” name=”Erno Ovaska, CED” position=”Director Finland, Sweden, Estonia” socials=”%5B%7B%22network%22%3A%22facebook%22%7D%5D”]Erno Ovaska is an entrepreneur and Certified Event Designer based in Helsinki. He is the founder of event design agency Architects of WOW and has been working in the experiential marketing sector for 2 decades.
With a strong background in theatre and contemporary dance, Erno loves to combine art and science to design exceptional events.
He is the EDCO’s Director in Finland and also overseas Estonia and Sweden.[/ra_team_member]

A quick preview of how the Event Canvas works

You know Events can create a profound change, but have no tool to prove it?
Involving the most important decision-makers in the development of your events and reconciling their various goals is often difficult for you?
Do you have enough of page-long briefings and would like to have a one-sider whom everyone can read and understand?
Are you a professional in the implementation, but would like to know more about the strategic direction of events?
Do you think that everyone wants to be innovative, but only a few know how it works?
Would you like to master a practical event design process?
You wish to be able to actively shape and control the results of your events?
Are you interested in how to focus on the actual value of events while reducing their complexity?
If any of these questions or statements cause you to think or apply, then you are ready for the #EventCanvas.


The #EventCanvas method is designed for innovative thinking event planners who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering effective events to generate real value for all involved stakeholders.


The #Event Canvas is a visual chart that lets you customize your next event. You guide your team through the design process and work together to create the added value of the event for the participants. You can strategically use the method in the future, or simply plan your conferences or events more consciously. They analyze the involved stakeholders in a team and then design different event prototypes with #EventCanvas. With the visual language of the #Event Canvas, you can then clearly describe the event on one page.


With the #EventCanvas, companies and associations can clearly identify possible target conflicts of their events in advance and thus optimize their marketing activities in the area of LiveCom. The focus is on the desired change of thinking and acting of the involved stakeholders and how the event effects these changes.

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Phone: +358405857672
Address: Keilaranta 17 C
02150 Espoo Finland
Hours: MON-FRI: 9AM – 6PM.[/ra_google_map]

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Event Design Certificate Program
Level 1 | Suomi
Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮