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The canvas is a freely downloadable template which can be used by anyone. We believe this canvas helps professionals to produce more effective events. One of our KPI’s is the number of users and the number of users that are proficient in Event Design using the #EventCanvas. This is why we organise Event Design Training at 3 levels of mastery in multiple countries on all continents. With a consistently growing user base with a worldwide spread we are looking for a partner on each continent or larger region to help us plan, market and organise Masterclasses and Workshops.

In The Netherlands the program is now hosted at the leading business university, in the Philippines we work with a training company and university, in the USA with universities and associations. These are just examples of how we can partner. We envision possible partnerships with universities, convention bureaus, trade shows and industry events.

What we need?

We need you to plan the event, market the event in your region, organise the event and assist on-site. Together with EMG we plan a date and a city. You source for a venue and contract the venue. We’ll provide you with the right input to set up your marketing to the target audience in the region. We provide a registration system which you can use, we’ll set it up for you and you collect registrations. We will prepare, speak and facilitate the Masterclass.

Target audience?

Our target audience are professionals who own an event or the ones who talk directly to the owners of the event. Managers in communication and marketing, corporate event professionals, association executives and intermediates at PCO or event agencies. These professionals see opportunities to learn about Event Design thinking and doing. They are aware that there is a new way to improve the strategic conversations on how events create value, why the event owner chooses to have an event, what the envisioned result looks like and which stakeholders can be identified. Download the full RFP for more specs.