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Launch of Mandarin Chinese version of Event Canvas at CIBTM

Event Canvas: powerful free tool for corporate planners in Chinese debuts at CIBTM

New tool allows event planners to effectively and easily demonstrate value

In this age of high demands for return on investment and an ever-greater need to justify large budget outlays, the Event Canvas – a new event planning tool – has debuted at this year’s CIBTM. Dutch creators Roel Frissen and Ruud Janssen take a look at how the free-to-use tool enables superior planning easier than ever.

We’re delighted to announce the launch at CIBTM on 19 September 2014 in Beijing, The Event Canvas is now available in English and now also in Mandarin versions for free download under a Creative Commons 4.0 license. Roel Frissen, co-creator #EventCanvas

We encourage visitors to download the free canvas at and try it out for their next event design.

Roel Frissen noted that the Event Model Generation Canvas couldn’t be launched at a better moment. The Chinese government is dedicated to fighting corruption, raising efficiency and improving fiscal transparency. The canvas effectively gives the supply chain and the planners in China the right tool to explain event value.
We would specially like to thank Ms. Amy R. Wang, MBA, Associate Dean for International Relations and Innovation at Maastricht School of Management for her generous enthusiasm and drive to enable us to publish this Mandarin Chinese translation of the Event Canvas.


The Event Canvas is also an ideal tool to measure and drive behavioural change around events. Using the canvas to clearly define entry behaviour and desired exit behaviour, Event Canvas allows users to hone in on results and to dissect the entire event design process into 10 clear steps.

We are looking forward to sharing practical case studies of applying the Event Canvas exclusively to Corporate Hosted Buyers at EIBTM on Wednesday 19 November from 15:00 – 16:30 hrs in a hands-on workshop. It’s very educational to learn and speak with the change makers who are using the Event Canvas in their daily practice, mentions Ruud Janssen, CMM , DES, co-creator #EventCanvas.

And by creating a common visual language’ for event owners and planners, the tool enables discussion of how events create value.

The result? Organising events is less daunting for meeting owners and more fun for the team involved, helping to deliver more productive, visual, exciting event design prototypes with higher-Return on Investment of the events for the meeting owner.

Link to download the Event Canvas in Mandarin Chinese =

Link to CIBTM Show Daily publication 19 Sep 2014 = CIBTM daily article launch Event Model Canvas in Mandarin Simplified Chinese

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