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Meet Puerto Rico CAB

Puerto Rico Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting

The Puerto Rico CAB is designed as an on-going think tank populated by highly experienced meeting professionals who volunteer their time to brainstorm customer centric recommendations.  These enhance Puerto Rico’s ability to sell, service and market to meeting professionals and their key stakeholders.

The CAB focuses on Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based (SMART) recommendations and feedback. Meet Puerto Rico’s leadership commits to being transparent, actively engaged and takes action upon the recommendations of the CAB.

The CEO of Meet Puerto Rico actively seeks and embraces the meaningful feedback from the CAB.  The CAB volunteers their time and professional insight.  This directly supports the three main desired behaviours: one, gather information and resources; two utilise case studies of other key destinations; three, create relationships and networking between the CAB and Puerto Rico.

From this event, the CEO will gain face-to-face air time with customers to gain actionable insight.  The attendees will leave with a new network of industry peers and expanded knowledge.


Program Agenda

The Meet Puerto Rico Customer Advisory Board program begins on Thursday with guests having the opportunity to arrive early to participate in an optional cultural experience with local guides.  To introduce the attendees to local hoteliers and vendors, Thursday evening features a progressive dinner.

To set the stage for the project work in the afternoon, Friday morning will feature important presentations on the state of Puerto Rico – data, survey results, insight from industry professionals, and video testimonials.  This provides the participants the important background information they’ll need.

Developing deep relationships among the Customer Advisory Board participants is an important goal of our meeting design.  To encourage networking, Friday’s lunch will be a structured format – introducing the Customer Advisory Board, local industry professionals and local university students.  During the afternoon on Friday, the CAB participants, local professionals and students will break out into teams.  Using case studies, data from the morning, local insights and their own expertise they will develop recommendations for Meet Puerto Rico.

The same teams continue working together Friday night – for an authentic Puerto Rican experience.  They will shop the local farmer’s market for their ingredients to make Puerto Rico’s signature dish – mofongo.

On the last day, each Team will have the opportunity to present their recommendations to the larger group.  The group will select the top recommendations by vote.

To continue the mentoring relationships, the university students will support their Team’s plan development post-work.

The importance of creating a unique and innovative event for the Meet Puerto Rico Customer Advisory Board cannot be underestimated.  Our gathering brings together industry leaders with high expectations and their expertise and insight is vital to the future of Meet Puerto Rico.

Our fresh approach to what could be considered a straightforward event is a necessity.  By combining mentoring of university students, connections with locals, opportunities for networking, and group project work, our participants will depart having an authentic experience.  They will leave Puerto Rico as “evangelists,” able to articulate and share real data about Puerto Rico’s challenges and opportunities.  They will have developed deep relationships not only with each other but also with local business owners and local university students.  They will feel their expertise and insight has not only been heard but acted upon – as the builders of Meet Puerto Rico’s plan for rebirth.

Design is made by the 2015 class of Event Design Certificate Program at SDSU August 2015. The project was proposed by David Kliman.

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