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Access to Online Training Platform

Access to Online Training Platform

150,00 Excl. applicable VAT


Are you interested in Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology and would you like to learn more?

When you take an interest in event design and want to get started using the Event Canvas, you can hardly wait. This Online Training platform has been created with you in mind. Pre-recorded modules (10) you can consume at your own pace, on your device anywhere anytime.

We deliberately chose to keep the style informal and highly visual with Certified Event Designers and other practitioners interacting with the creators of the Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology. We trust you enjoy the modules of learning and look forward to meeting you in a live EDC Event Design training in person. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them, the community is eager to help you get started and become more and more proficient.

This price includes unlimited access for 12 months.

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