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Event Design makes sense to most as an essential “to do” but many ask us, where do we start?

Great question and here are the most common answers:

A) Start by doing a “Baseline” of your event yourself  -> Time commitment = (setup (±1 hour)  + onsite support (= duration of event) + post event data consolidation & reporting = (10% of duration of event)

B) Start by getting the EDCo team to do a baseline for your event -> time commitment = (± 1 hour setup + ± 1 hour debriefing after the event)

C) Become a qualified CED- Certified Event Designer -> time commitment (typically 6 months) 

D) Train your team to be able to apply Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology through an incompany training -> time commitment = (typically 1 full day onsite)

E) all of the above 

Whether you dive into the deep end of the pool or tiptoe into the shallow end, we are keen to see how you do.

Take the quick 3 minute assessment to see how you can best get started here: Link to Assessment