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One of the best ways to get to grips with your event is to start by creating a baseline of your event. A “baseline” is a way to document your past or next upcoming event using the #EventCanvas.

See it like the balance sheet of an organisation, a snapshot of how your event is doing as seen by your stakeholders.

Do it yourself based on anecdotal evidence, own observations, photos and videos of your event. Or let us help you baseline your event design to better understand where you are today and develop the future state of your event.


Our specialists will guide you through the 10 steps of the Event Design methodology. They will facilitate your team through stakeholder alignment, stakeholder analysis, prototyping and writing your event's narrative.

You only need to make sure you have claimed time from your team and a space to work in.

This way you can fully contribute to the process and have our specialist take the lead.


An interesting way to look at your events is bringing it into context. Looking at your history and how your events created impact and placing these insights on a timeline.

Then zoom out and pull away from designing the next event and start thinking about what your event should look like in three to five years from now. Having established that marker in the future, it makes it relatively easy to design the next iterations.