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EDC MasterMind

Want to become a Trusted Advisor?

Do you want to:

  • Be a courageous leader with the ability to perform seamless teamwork to deliver faster innovation?
  • Develop your potential to become twice as successful in using Event Design to improve your business performance?
  • Work ON your business instead of just IN your business?
  • See what’s next after becoming a CED – Certified Event Designer?
  • Have conversations with confidence.

Designed to develop your potential to become twice as successful in using the Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology and to improve your business performance.

The EDC MasterMind Program is designed for CED-Certified Event Designers and advanced practitioners.

A 3 day program Live In-Person followed by a series of conversation simulations, role play studios and MasterMind sessions to become a Trusted Advisor in collaboration with your fellow EDC MasterMinds and coaches Paul Rulkens, Roel Frissen, Ruud Janssen and Dennis Luijer. The curriculum is based on the proven methodology featuring the latest case studies and content from real world Event Designs created using the #EventCanvas.

Learning Objectives

After completion of the EDC MasterMind you will be able to:

  • Identify and overcome obstacles to obtain next level Event Design success and accelerated growth
  • Frame the value of their work as an Event Designer and increase their execution power
  • Be courageous leaders with the ability to perform seamless teamwork to deliver faster innovation
  • Facilitate teams to make massive improvements in precious executive time use
  • Make proposals and prototypes which are accepted every time and learn to overcome time claim & price objections
  • Attract more of the perfect projects
  • Setup a referral engine
  • Get first hand insights from consultancy practice and the latest event design case studies from the real business world



To me the EDC MasterMind program is how you continue your journey. If you want to keep going, if you want to continue to learn this is the way to do it.” Alana 🇺🇸

EDC MasterMind builds on CED. If you want a seat at the table &/or garner business you want to partner with, then EDC MasterMind is for you.”  Naomi 🇺🇸

“Do you want to be an innovator or a follower? The innovation leaders meet at the EDC MasterMind to sharpen their skills.” Gerrit 🇩🇪

“While this is high level course, the creativity and care taken in creating, producing and delivering the program is outstanding. I learnings, which are multi-faceted, can be reviewed and taken in in several different mediums, throught lecture, recap videos and visuals (drawing out change). Most importantly, the sense of community and access to trusted advisors is unparalleled. ” Marie-France 🇨🇦

“This program truely helped me. The chosen subjects were very well picked and shared. We could clearly see a very nice work of design to give us the attendees what we needed (not just what we wanted 😉)” Rachel 🇧🇷

“I take away so much more in the conversations, with the incredible steps and methodology I learnt.” Chanet 🇲🇾

“Exceptional learning experience – high quality content, all growth essentials squeezed into perfect package.” Erno 🇫🇮[

“EDC MasterMind prepares me for the unexpected. It builds my confidence and creativity in unexpected way. Having a think tank with my fellow MasterMinds is invaluable.” Patti 🇺🇸


When and where is the EDC MasterMind?

Date of next EDC MasterMind = 9-11 November 2022 – Live In-Person

City: The Hague, The Netherlands


Step 1 = Apply to become a EDC MasterMind

  • You can apply by clicking HERE
  • After receipt of your application we will contact you to setup a short interview online with one of the Trusted Advisors
  • The content of the EDC MasterMind program is tailored to the participants wants and needs
  • The application and interview is essential to design the program
  • Upon successful completion of the above, you will receive the official invitation to register for the EDC MasterMind Program

Step 2 = EDC MasterMind 3 days live in-person

After successful registration you will get access to the EDC MasterMind microsite with all the details for participating in this program.

  • The EDC MasterMind runs for 3 immersive action packed days spread of time of peer to peer learning

Step 3 = EDC MasterMind Hot Seat Online Sessions

  • Post EDC MasterMind you will have the opportunity to join multiple monthly EDC MasterMind 30 minute zoom sessions with your peers and trusted advisors
  • Additionally you will get exclusive access to the EDC MasterMind course curriculum on the EDC Online Training Platform from date of registration for the EDC MasterMind program.


Want a sneak peek behind the scenes at the EDC MasterMind program? 


Practical details on the EDC MasterMind program

Class sizes = for the EDC MasterMind will be kept to 25 candidates to provide for optimum learning and networking opportunities. (EDC Programs typically sell out weeks ahead so we recommend to register well ahead of time)

Trainers & Content Provider=  Paul Rulkens in collaboration with Dennis Luijer, Roel Frissen & Ruud Janssen.

Prerequisites = successful completion of the EDC Level 3 of Mastery or the equivalent of the CED-Certified Event Designer designation.

Clock Hours = All successful program participants will be granted 24 continuing education clock hours in Domain G: Meeting & Event Design as defined by the Events Industry Council (EIC)

Date & Time of sessions

Central European Time 09:00 -17:00 CET

Investment =

The regular registration rate for the EDC MasterMind program is € 3450. This includes the complete enrolment in the EDC MasterMind Program and 12 months of online EDC MasterMind Hot Seat sessions and exclusive access to the online EDC MasterMind course modules.

For first-time participants and alumni of previous EDC MasterMind programs who register before 1 Oct 2022, a special coupon with a credit value of € 1700 will be credited towards the € 3450 registration rate for the first 15 registrants who register before 1 October 2022, so your investment will be € 1750.

For EDC MasterMind who register after 1 October 2022, a € 1200 coupon credit will be applied, so your investment will be € 2250.

The EDC MasterMind includes

The full educational program as well as :

  • 12 months of peer to peer EDC MasterMind Hot seat zoom coaching calls after the EDC program as well as
  • Access to the Event Design Online collaboration tool to collaborate on the MasterMind Hot Seat sessions. 
  • Access to the EDC online training community and learning platform for 12 months.
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and beverages during the program.

Exact details will be confirmed after your application is accepted.

If you have any questions regarding the EDC MasterMind Program please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


How were past editions evaluated ?

2019 -> EDC MasterMind 2019 Live in Amsterdam = Check out the feedback (9.4 out of 10) and NPS performance report (+63) of the inaugural 2019 EDC MasterMind as rated by the participants by clicking here

2020 -> EDC MasterMind 2020 Live Online = Check out the feedback (9.5 out of 10) and NPS performance report (+93) of the 2020 EDC MasterMind as rated by the participants by clicking here

How do I know 2022 will be worth my while?

The quality of our work in the EDC MasterMind Program is guaranteed. If after your full participation, we both agree we have not met each other’s expectations, we will offer your investment back. If you have any questions regarding the EDC MasterMind Program please do not hesitate to contact us