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Levels of Mastery

The Event Design Certificate Programme (EDC) has multiple levels of proficiency.

Each training can be taken as a standalone training and there is no pre-requisite for any of the trainings. So, for instance, you can take a Level 1 training (typically 1 day) or a Level 2 Training (typically 2 days) or take the Level 3 (3 days of onsite training and 6 months of coaching wherein you submit your Event Design project to attain the CED- Certificate Event Designer designation).

Level 1 = DISCOVER & EXPLORE – #EventCanvas Basic skill set and awareness – Stakeholder awareness, analysis and behaviour mapping (Empathy Maps) and basic application of the #EventCanvas to articulate how the event can change behaviour of the stakeholders. Basic skills include ability to interpret and create an Event Canvas Boundary box and discuss stakeholder needs.

Level 2 = ALIGN & COLLABORATE – Familiarity with the#EventCanvas as a User Interface – Prototyping and application of the canvas to discuss, prototype and make informed decisions using the Event Canvas as a compass for the team to create impactful events with informed team team members having used the process previously. Application of the Event Simulator, a toolkit with facilitation cards to enable team collaboration on creating events using the #eventCanvas.

Level 3 = FACILITATE & LEAD – Application of the #EventCanvas as an Experience Interface –  Prototyping and application of the canvas to facilitate a team alignment, discussion, prototyping and decision making using the Event Canvas as a compass for the team to create impactful events. Ability to guide a team through the process. Ability to articulate Jobs to done into actionable objectives per participant that enable Event ROI measurement post event. Ability to guide a team through the process and lead the way to a successful design. Besides the personal skill set, the facilitator can use the Event Simulator, a toolkit with facilitation cards to enable team collaboration on creating events using the #eventCanvas.

Level 4 = TO BECOME A LICENSED TRAINER – Master #Event Canvas user (process leader / trainer level)  – the ability to apply and teach others about level 1 , 2 and 3 and train others on the use of the #EventCanvas. Level 4 can be attained by successfully completing Level 3 with the CED designation and submitting 3 additional Event Design Projects to demonstrate proficiency in the Event Design using the #EventCanvas process and taking the full day “Train the Trainer” session with one of the creators. Level 4 Master #EventCanvas users, upon successful completion of the requirements, can train Level 1 to others as an Event Design Collective Licensee.

Level 5 = TO BECOME AN EDC MASTERMIND – A Think & Do tank designed to develop your potential to become twice as successful in using the Event Design using the #EventCanvas methodology and to improve your business performance. The EDC MasterMind Program is designed for CED-Certified Event Designers and advanced practitioners. The EDC MasterMind will consist of a 3 day program onsite followed by a series of MasterMind sessions to become a Trusted Advisor in collaboration with your fellow EDC MasterMinds and coaches Paul Rulkens, Roel Frissen, Ruud Janssen and Dennis Luijer. 
The curriculum is based on the proven methodology featuring the latest case studies and content from real world Event Designs created using the #EventCanvas. -APPLY HERE-

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Event Design Collective GmbH is a CMP Preferred Provider and accredited by the Events Industry Council. Participants in the EDC – Event Design Certificate program can claim their clock hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits from the Events Industry Council. The program(s) identified with the CMP Preferred Provider logo meet the requirements to receive continuing education (CE) credit for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential. All qualifying activities also indicate how many CE credits attendees will receive for participating.
For more information about the CMP credential or CMP Preferred Provider Program, please visit

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