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How does your Event create value?

You did it, you scanned the QR code. Are you interested in telling the story? Are you eager to apply Event Design and you need your team or leadership to buy in? You are about to start but you’d like your team to be just that ready? Then this is where you can learn how to use this visual and tell your story. Of course, the story can be told in so many different ways and there is not a single right one. The visual and the narrative together should help people understand that a process of Event Design Thinking will help you create better events and help your event create (more) value.

Below you will find a recording of how Roel Frissen draws the story, narrated by Ruud Janssen. Don’t just watch, draw along.

Extra brownie points if you tell the story and draw on a larger piece of brown paper or kraft paper yourself. More impact is guaranteed!! And please share using #eventcanvas.