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In conversation with Alessia Clusini

In this episode, Alessia Clusini, Founder at Trybes Agency in London explores with Ruud Janssen the conversations and approaches to Design to Change.
As a seasoned data strategist with an extensive portfolio of successful and data-driven case studies, Alessia Clusini is the conduit between brand and consumer.
She co-founded a London based research firm called Trybes Agency, where a team of experts with diverse backgrounds, from data scientist and machine learning engineers to psychology, social sciences and marketing, empower world-class marketing strategies and storytelling by helping clients deeply understand the intrinsic cultural values of their target audience.
Their hybrid intelligence approach couples AI-driven research methodologies with netnography studies and content analysis to deeply understand the user in today’s rapidly changing world.
Her clients include BBC, Virgin, Victoria Secret, Juventus, Vogue, FIAT, Telecom Foundation, Rai, Tuscany Travel, and Slow Food.
Since 2012, Alessia has been teaching groups and corporate teams and leading master’s degree modules in Marketing and Comms, Consumer Research and Trends Forecasting. She gave lectures at different events, from Marketing Festivals to TEDx, and to media companies such as Channel 7 Australia.
She is, among the pioneers of the Experience Economy, a Founding Circle Member of the WXO – World Experience Organization.
In this realm, she and her team at Trybes published the first research on the ecosystem where transformation quintessentially happens: Burning Man and transformational festivals like SXSW.
Check out an example of Alessia’s work in this article:
Here are her answers to the questions we discussed:
Q->How can you comfort your event owner that not having clarity with the initial ask is ok?
A-> Tough one. I’d say information is power in this case: I’d try to help research and build clarity and then suggest letting go on control.
Q->What guardrails do you offer to allow the event owner to feel comfortable to say yes to you for event design?
A->We build on top of what worked and what’s coming out of deep analysis
Q->How will you sketch the outcomes of event design and involve the event owner in the way forward?
A->I will actually sketch in a simple vis, like a recipe with the ingredients and the process laid out (and giving the chance to zoom into the details of everything)
Q->How does getting design on the agenda help the event owner in other parts of the organization to achieve strategic goals?
A->Design is behind everything we do. If the design is not on top of the agenda, somebody else (with a different agenda) is going to design it
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