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In conversation with Arturo Rago

Welcome to the DESIGN to CHANGE podcast ONSTAGE
A conversation with Arturo Rago – Learning & Innovation Designer at IMD business school ( ) in Lausanne Switzerland and was previously with the World Economic Forum as a designer for the Betazones(
Ruud Janssen will be having a conversation on his view as a designer on designing to change and how Arturo has experienced that in his career. And also towards his next step, which will be as a designer for the Canva Foundation (
Here are a few links to World Economic Forum WEF Betazone sessions mentioned by Arturo in this PODcast:
– Thando Hopa, the Beauty of Inclusion:
– Maria Konnikova, How Not To Get Fooled:
– Hao Li, Deepfakes: Don’t Believe What You See:
– Pete McBride: Into the Grand Canyon:
– Sinead Burke: Designing for Everyone:
Or see the VODcast version of this session here:
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