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FERMA Federation of European Risk Management Associations Forum


FERMA Federation of European Risk Management Associations Forum

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About FERMA – Federation of European Risk Management Associations

In many countries across Europe and beyond, National Risk Management Associations are well established. Their members are risk and insurance professionals responsible for risk management in their organisation, whether in the public or private sector. FERMA provides the means of coordinating risk management and optimising the impact of these Associations outside of their national boundaries on a European level. Every two years, FERMA holds its well established Risk Management Forum , located in a different country each time with the support of the local member association. It also organises specific seminars and surveys.

#EventCanvas FERMA Forum

Two stakeholders: 1. Risk Managers 2. Insurers/Brokers

The risk manager is living and working in a riskier world. Always on the edge. He is balancing each risk and seeks backup for those risks. His jobs to be done are to educate himself and to network and share with peers, brokers and insurers. He leaves FERMA Forum 2013 connected to a community of like minded other risk managers well balance with new knowledge, fresh insight and new and broader network so that his risk are managed in a much more balanced way. His pains are being alone in a corporate environment working on risk the gains is knowing that others have a similar role in other companies doing exactly the same thing and the possibility of reaching out to them and also to get in touch with insurers and brokers and mitigate risks (better). His expectations are that FERMA forum is a Number One event in their field. Satisfaction is to have had a great experience, time well spent in a friendly environment with all the key players in the market represented. Cost is registration Fee, no direct revenue. Commitment is 4 days out of office and a weekend away from family. Return is to have an up to date and broader understanding of risk management and the consistently changing dynamic environment.

The Insurer is there to cover for the Risk managers risks he wants to mitigate. Carefully tailor a product around each case. His jobs to be done are to interact with the risk manager, manage accounts, calculate risk and offer a solution. He leaves FERMA Forum with new prospects and with follow up actions to existing clients.

Insurer pains = meet as many of my prospect Risk Managers as possible. At FERMA forum the insurer can have a pied a terre to interact with the Risk managers in a friendly environment. His expectation is to be able to meet the risk managers in friendly environment. The insurer is represented by their CEO in the Insurer CEO Debate and high level contacts are established with key clients in the one to one meetings in private meeting rooms onsite or in VIP lounges/buses. This is the place to meet the top people in the risk management arena and the time is well spent away from the claims and pitch environments outside of the Forum. The Insurers are significant contributors to the FERMA Forum financially and have extensive evening social functions to entertain their key audiences. Commitment is 4 days out of the office and preparation time to get the appointments lined up. The return is a very efficient set of high level meetings all in 1 place during the 4 days, a place for friendly encounters and renewing strategic business relationships.


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