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MED-EL Audiology Live


MED-EL Audiology Live

#EventCanvas for Audiology Live

Audiology Live is a brand new event and is one of the pinnacle events MED-EL is organizing to reach communicate to their channel. That channel is slowly changing as the care and cure landscape is changing. In the past the surgeons (ENT doctors) were the main channel and decision maker on which implant from which manufacturer was best. In the landscape of tomorrow the decision could easily shift to the audiologists. This trend is already happening in some regions. MED-EL is anticipating on this trend.

This canvas gives the perspectives of three stakeholders; the audiologist, as a relatively new and upcoming target audience, the perspective of MED-EL as a company and the Area managers of MED-EL in their region responsible for sales and service.

Entering behaviour: The Audiologists are in constant contact with patients, totally in the care process, from the right measurement (audiogram) to the testing and fitting phase when the device is implanted. The ENT surgeon who is not invited to this event, has as a “Chef de Clinique” a decision whether the audiologist may go to the event. The Area Manager, has always been and still is focussed on the surgeon and looks at the audiologist as chance to optimize sales in the region. This event could very well help him or her in achieving goals.

Regarding jobs to be done, Med-EL is researching, developing (new) implants to make them better. The audiologist is constantly counselling, fitting and testing implants with patients, has some special cases and wants to learn from peers and share cases. The Area Manager wants to sell and get in contact with formal and informal decision makers in the process.

The Exiting Behaviour: MED-EL wants to be first, first to dedicate an event to audiologists, first in bringing audiologists together. Audiologists have more connections, share best practices and choose for MED-EL implants, they are in contact with their Area Manager. They volunteer to do research for MED-EL and they place Audiology in a broader perspective. Area Managers are in contact with audiologist, have connected, sell more CI’s and support a sustainable brand connection.

The Event Promise is time together with peers, away from the office where ideas and cases can be shared and learnt from. An environment where there is an understanding on bringing down unresolved cases & workload, and building confidence, research and network.

For MED-EL the choice to invest money in events is a pain, since the outcome in unclear. The audiologist’s pain is that they are simply too busy in their daily practice and the surgeon is picking the device and the audiologist has to make it work for the patient.

The gain for all stakeholders is that there is room for patient conversation, special cases and research and MED-EL is the platform for that conversation.

The expectation is that it is a new and specially tailored event for audiologists. And the satisfaction of the audiologist is that she feels that it was all about her and she made great connections with peers and with MED-EL area management and specialists.


What does the event look like?

The experience journey will focus on engaging people, learning, presenting and network. There will be room for white space, new formats and case studies. The instructional design is built on four pillars: Everybody is a contributor, building comfort by going from small groups to bigger groups, lots of interaction through new formats and tailor made formats to fit to different learning styles of participants.


Facilitation of Event Design using the Event Canvas Methodology

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    Stakeholder Alignment, Empathy Mapping, Event Canvas, Event Delta, Prototyping

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