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Translate the EventCanvas

Eager to translate the EventCanvas in your mother tongue? Help us, help you to reach audiences in different languages with the EventCanvas.

The #Event Canvas is currently available in:

    • English – published – courtesy of the creators Ruud Janssen & Roel Frissen
    • Mandarin Chinese – published – courtesy of Amy Chang
    • German – published – courtesy of Lisa Halmschlager, Marleen Herzlieb, Gerrit Jessen, Andreas Laube & Matthias Spacke
    • Russian – published – courtesy of Yulia Boytsova
    • Dutch – published in Beta – courtesy of Jennifer Fischer-Belmonte en Willemijn Westra
    • Spanish – published – courtesy of  Vivi Henao and Emilia Ã…ström
    • Finish – published – courtesy of Monica Birkle
    • French – published – courtesy of Benoit Hurel, Pauline Meslet, Martin Alline, Ambre Vergy, Karine Mourey, Laura Ditiere, Julie Neuveu, Myriam Gómez
    • Greek – in progress courtesy of Michael Katsikas
    • Arabic – in progress – courtesy of Alaa Shboul
    • Your language missing?

Be the evangelist in your language, taking the EventCanvas to your audience. We have already seen some inspiring initiatives around the globe of people translating the Event Canvas. We are working with engaged volunteers on more language versions from the Event Model Generation community.

Contact us if you want to volunteer. We want to make sure that no one else is working on the same project. We encourage you to team up with other enthusiasts in your language.

Once you get our go ahead, you can provide your translation in our Master Translation Document here


By translating the #EventCanvas in your native language you will be credited accordingly, however on a personal basis only.

By volunteering to translate you commit to update the translation to the next version when applicable. We retain the right to credit the translation to the person who provided the last translation.

All rights regarding creation and distribution stay with the creators.