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Event Design Certificate (EDC)

Training Levels

The Event Design Certificate Programme (EDC) has multiple levels of proficiency.
Each training can be taken as a standalone training and there is no pre-requisite for any of the trainings. So, for instance, you can take a Level 1 training (typically 1 day) or a Level 2 Training (typically 2 days) or take the Level 3 (3 days of onsite training and 6 months of coaching wherein you submit your Event Design project to attain the CED- Certificate Event Designer designation).

In Company

Have a project in mind?

Why not train your team, and optimise your event at the same time.
Would you like our experts to support you in the re-designing your event with your team using the 10 step process and train them along the way?

Become a Certified Event Designer (CED)

- Do you want to take the next step to in designing innovative events that matter?
- Do you need to know what’s next in applying Design Thinking in Event Design?
- Do you want to boost your career?
- Do you want be equipped for serious C-level innovation conversations with your stakeholders
need a brain spa with a proven path to ensure you are at the pinnacle of your profession?

Online Training

Our Online Training gives you access to exactly what you need and in the time and space that works for you and your team. Welcome to the community of guides, Certified Event Designers, Trained Facilitator and Event Design Collective Team members. Start instantly, the information is structured in 10 modules of more than 8 hours of practical Event Design education and examples, brought to you by the creators as well as a forum for discussion.

EDC Young Professional Program

Event Design Certificate Young Professional Program (EDC YP) is designed for Universities offering Design Thinking and Event Management programs to teach the Event Design using the EventCanvas™ methodology and approach to students. This includes access to tools and resources necessary to teach the Event Design using the EventCanvas™ Methodology. The EDC YP is an international certificate programme for Universities, delivered through a dedicated online training platform and by faculty to their students. Students receive an internationally recognised Event Design Certificate Young Professionals (EDC Level 1 Certificate) after completing the online course and publication of an approved event design case study.

Online Collaboration

Design online with your team.
In a world where we want and need to collaborate online, you can also design events online using the Event Canvas methodology. In Mural you will find the Event Canvas and in the frameworks section, as well as the Empathy Map. Contact us if you would like to use full Mural templates for your Event Design process. Contact us via:

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